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Here's a small map I made to navigate quickly through a series of back-streets in Paris to get to a nearby cafe, away from the crowds. The perfect antidote to quell the residual chaos of The Louvre.

1.) Take a right out of the main Pryamid of the Louvre.

2.) Walk through the Richelieu Passage.

3.) Cross the street, pass the Metro stop and angle to the left across the open square.

4.) Cross another street, and see the prety Metro stop to the left. Pass an outdoor cafe on your right, and stay to the right.

5.) Go through the covered walkway into the Colones de Buren.

6.) Pass through the Colones on your right.

7.) Go through the covered walkway, pass another acfe on your left. Keep going.

8.) One more walkway, and all the way at the end is a cafe called Cafe de l'Epoque.

9.) Glass of red wine, please.

Speaking of maps, here's another map I made by hacking the Louvre map to make more sense of how to navigate the levels and wings.

Maps can lead with directions that are not spatially accurate and provide the same navigational capability without being topographically accurate. Such as this New Years map, which I shared with a bunch of friends to help us all decide where and when, and figure out the options-a-plenty.

#maps #mapmaking #paris

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