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Events are a complex interplay of pre-planning and communication. Mashed together with high expectations and a lot of unknowns.

From how teams work together all the way to how the design communicates relevant information, there is a lot of "picking" and "choosing."

For these web-based event banners, I enjoyed identifying images that relate to each event; elevating the theme with a headline, date, and time information.


Here are a few approaches when choosing design-y ways of encouraging people to attend your event:

  1. Think of highlighting a detail rather than a full, spectrum image

  2. When you can, anchor people's eyes with an action

  3. Manipulate the sense of scale, or invert images so that when the scene is set before the viewer in real life, they are jarred into recognizing that what they see is more real than the representative image

  4. Standardize fonts, text placement, and contextual information in order to give people a visual language they can depend on

  5. People like people, or beautiful images. Better yet: beautiful images of people. Try to give them one or the other. Even better, try to give them both.

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